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The AlphaChat IRC Network
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You can connect to the AlphaChat IRC Network via the Tor network.

NOTE: This service can and will be suspended at any time due to the abuse potential.

The address is rnjlael46gqqmfiuiqsswdeev6axrf47j7bq4dtuqdsv2qgqfumcy4yd.onion.

SASL connect-time identification to a services account is required to connect via Tor. If you don't know what this means, or your client does not support SASL, you cannot use Tor to connect to this network.

Please do not contact the IRC operators or administrators if you are unable to connect due to errors resembling "server not found", "unable to lookup hostname", "resolution failure", etc as this usually only means that you are using Tor incorrectly or not using Tor at all.