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The AlphaChat IRC Network
The first name in chat

The AlphaChat IRC Network currently operates the following servers:

Server Name (DNS, Certificate) Location Owner Operating System Gunzenhausen, Germany Kristine Gentoo Hardened London, United Kingdom Rylee Gentoo Hardened Los Angeles, United States Matthew Gentoo Hardened Texas, United States Matthew Gentoo Hardened Georgia, United States Nimrod Gentoo Hardened

NOTE: Not all of them are guaranteed to be up at any given time!

Servers that are down will be removed from the round robin, so you should use that if possible. The certificates are also valid for this name.

If you do not have the LetsEncrypt certificate, or do not trust it, you can configure a fingerprint to authenticate the server's certificate instead; a PGP-signed declaration of X.509 certificate fingerprints for servers can be found here. This file will be updated every 3 months or so, as certificates issued by LetsEncrypt expire 3 months after issue, so if you are using fingerprints, and you're getting connection errors related to fingerprints, please first check this file for a recent date.