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The AlphaChat IRC Network
The first name in chat

We currently operate the following servers:

Server Name TLS (X.509) Public Key Fingerprint Owner 7f91d49f7d39b43a6a409e5feb0fa37f7a5548fa6c26f83bacffb8bc54e84d8b CT Aaron f03d99bb0c8b871dc4e319bc69c4b4e2d685b03b418019a9421f9df3a415d85d CT Kristine 57339987ac00fabca5681e9d9831f7a3328cfafecc4fdfc8b16c693b6ea838ce CT Aaron 223306ef4899fb200168f3b46e92ac29a1cf593ea2ae7ff1872946f247105712 CT Aaron

NOTE: Not all of them are guaranteed to be up at any given time!

Servers that are down, or are scheduled for upcoming maintenance, will be removed from the round-robin, so you should use that unless you have very specific requirements. The certificates are valid for both names.

If you do not have the LetsEncrypt root certificate, or do not trust it, you can configure a fingerprint to authenticate the connection to the server instead; see the table above. These fingerprints will not change without good reason. Note that your client must support PUBLIC KEY fingerprint pinning for this to work correctly; these are NOT certificate fingerprints!